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You don’t have to lose yourself to raise healthy, happy children

Resources to fulfill your creative aspirations, heal generational trauma and wounds, and mother well.


Have you ever felt the pull of an unwritten rule that we must choose between our families and ourselves? That being an exceptional mother and living as a fully self-expressed person are mutually exclusive?

If so, you are not alone. There is a path to embracing all of yourself. To exploring your unique talents and creative aspirations in ways that enrich your family and feed your soul!

Each week on The Whole Mother Podcast you’ll find inspiration, practical steps, and warm wisdom to guide your journey to wholeness, self-expression, and fulfilling motherhood.

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The 4 Soul Questions can transform your life.

Change is possible in an instant when we seek to deeply understand ourselves and activate our body-mind connection to heal. This guide will help you authentically answer the 4 Soul Questions, developed by the Chopra Center.

They are the perfect place to begin a meditation practice or integrate into your current rhythm.


Angel Sierpina

Angel Sierpina

Hello, friend 😘

After 13 years of working as an international flight attendant (which I loved!), I answered my calling. I became an advocate in wellness and healing as a Chopra certified meditation instructor.

Something wonderful happened. As I helped others heal, I healed myself. I repaired layers of generational trauma—and learned that process never really stops.

The more I healed, the more I felt whole as a mother, a wife, and perhaps most importantly, as a person. Through meditation, prayer, yoga, inner healing, and inspiring community my once-fraying threads of wholeness wove themselves together.

This is the heartbeat of the Whole Mother movement.

I believe whole mothers can heal the world by raising happy, healthy children, free from generational trauma and wounds.

As a woman, you possess an “original medicine,” a unique voice and purpose. And as a mother, you hold the undeniable power to shape the future of our beautiful world.

At Whole Mother, we journey toward our greatest potential by aligning ourselves with the Seven Sacred Stones of wholeness.

There is much joy on the journey when we walk together.

Let’s change the world.